CIESC/SCECI Conference 2020

September 9, 2019

Dear colleagues and friends:

I hope that you have enjoyed the summer (or winter) months. For many of us, September is a busy ‘back to school’ time of renewed energy and initiatives. The deadline OCTOBER 1, 2019 for your applications to the Comparative and International Education Society of Canada (CIESC) at the annual Congress at Western University in London, Ontario is but a month away. As program chair of CIESC I am writing to formally invite your participation. The CIESC/CSSE conference runs May 31 – June 3, 2020.

CIESC plans on hosting another set of rich and provocative sessions at the June 2020 Congress and encourage you to submit proposals in the areas of comparative and international education, through our larger body, the Canadian Society for Studies in Education (CSSE); see the link below. We are looking for presentations that engage contemporary educational phenomena in the world as embedded in flows and connections that transcend local or national settings. The 2020 Congress theme is ‘Circles of Conversation’ and so for our society we may think about extending, intersecting and/or locating ‘circles of conversation’ as a theme that extends across the presentations and discussions.

In addition to inviting your proposals to present, we ask that you support CIESC as a society and at the conference in the following ways:

  • (Re)join the CIESC group when you renew your CSSE membership online.
  • Update your research interests/expertise so that your info can be searched during the phase of recruiting reviewers for the conference proposals
  • Participate in the review process when called upon
  • Help build our membership and reach through your collegial connections. Again, best wishes for the new term and please consider participating in the 2020 conference as a member of, and contributor to, CIESC. Here is a link to the CSSE site for submitting a proposal.

    Warm regards,


    Paul Tarc
    CIESC Program Chair
    Associate Professor
    Critical Policy, Equity and Leadership Studies Faculty of Education
    Western University