CIESC-SCECI pre-conference 2017


CIESC/SCECI Pre-Conference 2017

Re-imagining and Re-visioning Education: Challenging Inequity and Injustice

Re-imaginer et Re-visionner l’éducation: Défier l’iniquité et l’injustice

May 27, 2017, 9:00 to 4:30

Ryerson University

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As we approach the 50th Anniversary of CIESC-SCECI, we recognize the pressing need to mobilize ourselves as academics in the face of neoliberal challenges to knowing, learning, and educating in contemporary globalized institutions of education. This involves stepping out of the narrow confines of the academy and mobilizing the research knowledge we produce, considering the ways that we bridge practice, policy and research with stakeholders such as community partners, youth, communities and citizens. Thus, this pre-conference focuses on how struggles of inequality and injustice, as well as related challenges to democratic life, inform the work we do within the field of comparative and international education

We ask participants to consider how they address questions of (in)justice and (in)equality in their teaching, research and service. Workshops will highlight alternative, innovative and collaborative strategies to use within and outside of the classroom, as well as with our research, including the arts, new media and digital technologies, multiliteracies, social media, mapping, video-gaming, flipping, etc. We want to explore conversations about the failures, mistakes, oversights and blind spots of teaching, research and service that both challenge and propel us forward. We invite participants to re-imagine and re-vision the purposes and practices of international and comparative education to respond to challenges of inequality and injustice facing us in a 21st century, globalized world, through participation at workshops aimed at interactive and participatory engagement.


Plenary Sessions 

Session TBA: Announcement coming soon! 

(Un)equal spaces in higher education: Exploring a university in British Columbia

Bernard Chan, Lauren Oakley, & Bayan Qutub (UBC)

Youth Re-thinking and Re-visioning Gender Through Film

Leigh-Anne Ingram, Miranda Hersco, Yadesha Satheaswaran, Julia Simac, Alisha Talpur


Workshops & Papers

Research as action-oriented community education:  Youth participation and research dissemination through film Richard Maclure (Ottawa)

Meet, mobilize and move: Using Gandhian non-violent action for social mobilization
Jill Carr-Harris (OISE/UofT)

Playing, peace-building and social transformation: Building community capacity for non-violence action and conflict transformation
LeeAnn Mckenna (Partera International)

Peacebuilding citizenship learning in the real world: Mexican, Canadian and Colombian youths’ experiences and education in gender (violence) and environmental conflicts
Angela Guerra Sua, Diana Barrero & Kathy Bickmore (OISE/UofT)

Transformative arts and cultural praxis circle: A model for exploration and action on issues of (in)equity and (in)justice in CIE
Mary Drinkwater (OISE/UofT)

Championing the cause for a pluri-versal world as a universal project
Chizoba Imoka (OISE/UofT)

Re-imagining higher education through critical language education
Hyunjung Shin (Saskatchewan), Andrea Sterzuk (Regina), Camila Miranda (Simon Fraser), In Chull Jang (OISE/UofT), James Corcoran (OISE/UofT)
For more information, contact: Melody Viczko and Leigh-Anne Ingram, Co-Chairs, CIESC Pre-conference Committee (