CSSE Graduate Conference Travel Grant

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David N. Wilson Award

Recognizes distinguished long service to the field of comparative and international education. Access the application here.



 Douglas Ray Award

Recognizes an exceptional paper that was accepted to be presented by a graduate student at the 2020 Annual Conference. Access the application here.

 Michel Laferrière Award

Recognizes exceptional research studies submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for a Master’s or Doctoral degree. Access the application here.

Year David N. Wilson Douglas Ray Michel Laferrière Doctoral Michel Laferrière Masters
2023 Lynette Shultz Ian Alexander Najme Kishani Farahani Elise Visentin
2022 Punita Lumb Diego Alejandro Nieto Sachica
2020 Marianne Larsen Rabia G. Mir Amira El Masri Ian Alexander
2019 Ruth Hayhoe Carrie Karsgaard Le Chen Camila de Campos Miranda, Ling Lei
2018 Le Chen Catherine Vanner

Ratna Ghosh,

Allan Pitman

Jeong-Ja Kang Chrystal Lynch
2016 Bailing Zhang Mira Gambhir
2015 Cecile DePass Mohamad Ayoub Malini Sivasubramaniam Minha Ha
2013 Suzanne Majhanovich Karen Pashby
2011 Vandra Masemann