CIESC/SCECI Conference 2020 UPDATE


Friday, March 20, 2020

Hello members of CIESC/SCECI,

Yesterday, the board of the Canadian Society for the Study of Education had an emergency board meeting to discuss the upcoming CSSE conference at Western University.

The decision has been made by the CSSE board (unanimously) to cancel the CSSE conference and not proceed with a virtual or online conference. The CSSE board was very concerned about the increasing spread of the coronavirus and the impact even on a virtual conference. We were also concerned about issues of work intensification and equity that are arising as a result of the changing ways we are (and will be) working and studying in the foreseeable future. Also of importance to the board were issues of ensuring an online conference that was of high quality.

I’ve alerted the CIESC/SCECI board of this decision. I want to particularly thank Dr. Paul Tarc, CIESC/SCECI program coordinator, for all that he has done to develop a top-notch program and pre-conference. Paul has begun the process of informing guests of the pre-conference that this has also been cancelled.

I don’t have further information at this point but will certainly commit to sending information from CSSE as we receive it.

I am very sorry to alert you to this. I know that the CIESC/SCECI conference is an annual highlight for many of us and an important opportunity to share our research. As importantly, it’s a time to engage in community-building. Please be assured that the CIESC/SCECI board will actively look for ways to foster these going forward.

In solidarity and peace,